We are Open, Curbside Service still available! - View Visit Guidelines

We are excited to announce our lobby is open! We will still offer curbside service to anyone who prefers to wait in their car. Masks are optional. Due to our high volume, we have some guidelines everyone needs to follow to help make your visit a great one!

  • There is now an Entrance and an Exit. Do NOT try to enter through the exit door. Clients will be checking out at the grooming station right inside that door and will be coming out with their pets.
  • During our busiest times, we will try to have an extra staff member directing clients where to go once they come into the clinic. If there are several clients waiting in line, you may be asked to sign-in and take a seat. We will call you up to finish checking you in. Although we strive to stay on schedule, we cannot guarantee that your appointment will run on time. Clients may have more questions, pets may have more serious medical issues going on, an emergency may come in. These things can cause appointments to run late.
  • If you are picking up your pet from grooming, a bath, or boarding, you will need to go to the Grooming station when you come in, unless a staff member tells you otherwise.
  • There are circles on the floor to show you where to stand to try and keep 6 feet distance from the client in front of you.
  • All cats MUST be in a carrier. If you do not have one, you can either borrow one or purchase one at the front desk.
  • If your dog is known to be aggressive towards people or other pets, please leave them in your car until we have an exam room available. You can call us to check in over the phone, or you can come in and check in at the front counter. Once that is done, we will have you wait in the car until someone comes out to escort you in.
  • DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG IN ON A RETRACTABLE LEASH. These tend to break, or they are too long and allow your dog to get too close to other pets. This can be hazardous. If you need to borrow a shorter leash, we have them available at the entrance door.
  • If your pet potentially has a contagious virus such as parvovirus or kennel cough, please stay in your car until we have a room available. We also ask that you not allow your pet to walk around outside. We do not want to put other patients at risk.

We are so thankful for our clients and are excited to have you come into our building! Please be patient as we continue to work through changes in our operations to better serve you.


We’re here for the pets in Springfield, TN.


We’re here for the pets in Springfield, TN.


We’re here for the pets in Springfield, TN.

We provide the highest quality of veterinary care in Springfield, TN.

We are dedicated to partnering with you in giving your pets the care they deserve. Your pets are always there for you, and we know you are there for them as well. It is our goal to educate and empower you to give them the longest and healthiest life possible.

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Wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else. The staff is great and the prices are reasonable.
Shelly C.

The people are amazing! Dr. Raines is “THE BEST”. He went above and beyond to help our little Pug- GILLY. I would recommend them to everyone. They are caring and loving.