An Intestinal Parasite Screening, or Fecal, provides an opportunity to check your pet for
intestinal parasites. Parasites can cause anything from mild irritation to serious illness,
so it is important to include intestinal parasite screening as part of your pet’s regular
healthcare regimen.

What Can a Fecal Detect?
Fecals test for intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms,
coccidia, and giardia. Unlike external parasites like fleas and ticks, most intestinal
parasites are never seen. The best way to detect the presence of intestinal parasites
and identify them is by testing a fecal sample.

Types of Parasites
There are a number of parasites that your pet can contract:

● Hookworms
● Ringworms
● Roundworms
● Tapeworms*
● Whipworms
● Coccidia, Giardia, and Spirochetes (non-worm parasites)

Transmission of intestinal parasites occurs when your dog ingests contaminated soil or
feces containing eggs or immature worms (larvae) that have been passed from other
infected animals in the environment.

*Tapeworms result when a pet has ingested a flea. They usually do not show up in a
fecal sample, however, they may be visible to the pet owner as they tend to be
discharged from the body, whereas other parasites generally remain inside of the body.

How to Collect a Fecal Sample
For the best results, collect a fresh stool sample and bring it to us the same day. If this is
not possible, you can seal the fecal sample in a sealable plastic baggy and refrigerate it
until you can bring it to the clinic (within 24 hours). If you’re putting it in your refrigerator,
double bag it to insure you do not contaminate your fridge and food. If you are unable to
collect a specimen yourself, you can bring your pet to our clinic for sample collection.

How Often Does My Pet Need a Fecal?
Adult pets should be checked annually; puppies and kittens may need more frequent
testing in the first year of life.

Parasite Treatment and Prevention
Treatment will depend on the type of parasite(s) identified. Our veterinarians will work
with you to determine the best treatment for your pet.
To help ensure that your pets remain free of intestinal parasites, our clinic carries
several monthly, year-round parasite preventatives.
Please call our clinic to find out more about Intestinal Parasite Screening, Treatment for
Parasites, and Parasite Prevention.

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